Mike Kwielford

Director of Photography
Camera Operator
kwiel@potenza-productions.com (312) 371-0291


WINNER: 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Arts/Entertainment Programming

Director's Statement: Through the interpretive art form of dance, this is my immigration story. Arriving with my parents and two suitcases, we dreamed that this wild, unknown country would provide us the opportunity to build a home and a future. Living in my aunt’s attic, there were many struggles, ups and downs chasing this dream, but we have made this country our home. This film is a love poem to America, the story of arriving somewhere gritty and raw and turning it into something beautiful, fueled with passion and creativity. I chose to express this through dance and music, because these are the universal languages all our hearts can understand.

Rocco Cataldo, Director
Mike Kwielford, Director of Photography
Mary Kay Cook, Producer
Emily Sarkissian, Dancer/Choreographer